Black is Beautiful and I’m proud to be black and you should be to.


My Black is Beautiful- By: Chris Raines

My Black Is Beautiful       

My Black is beautiful because I belong to a people that shows its beauty 
through a wide spectrum of rich shades of brown, vanilla, walnut, butter 
scotch, mahogany, honey, nut meg, and beautiful ebony of the night.

With luscious lips, full, thin, swollen, thick and perfect bow and arrow to 
indulge in loving, kissing cares away, holding conversations of the day, kissing 
scars of life and pain of love ones, and kissing the tears and smiles of children.

My Black is beautiful rich and deep, which covers all of me. My poignant, 
intellectual, sharp and creative mind that helped shape history and fixtures of 
time.  Heartache, heartbreak, separation, degradation, intimidation, 
discrimination has not changed my wonderful beautiful exuberant spirit or 
damned my soul or damaged my heart.  

In fact I stand taller and bolder like an ageless, ancient oak tree deep rooted 
swaying in the winds of time.  And yet I am still gentle, loving and nurturing 
babies into great men and women.

My Black is beautiful because I stand up and face the world and represent 
proudly who I am in all my arrays of browns.   Struggles, triumphs and love 
sparkles brightly translucent upon my head to make up my crowns, receiving 
great light from God that replenishes me and rekindles my fire for life!

My Black is beautiful because God has designed me to last forever, to be 
every where in the world from continent to continent to show endurance, 
unconditional love, compassion and un-wavering strength of a spirit and soul.  
My Black is so beautiful it out shines gold.

My Black is so beautiful because I am one in millions of millions and millions 
like me.  But I still contain my individuality to live and love just for me, and 
my family, and pass on my strength, my love, my history, my dancing spirit 
and road maps to destinies. My Black is Awesome!!




Copyright © Chris Raines | Year Posted 2014


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