Black Hair v. White Laws [a reblog]

Great post Kelley.


It’s modern day colonization. An invasion of our follicles. A new Black Code.

I say bleep that bleep and do not support anyone or anything that doesn’t accept our hair in its natural glory. And yes, that includes schools and workplaces. I know it’s often easier said than done because we need jobs, right? Maybe. Some source of income. Sure. But why would I subject myself to mistreatment for wearing my hair how it’s been historically worn? You know, straight from my scalp.

Why does it matter what my hair looks like if I’m qualified with a great work ethic?

If it’s not a safety or hygienic concern, then why have these conversations?

Maaaaybe because it can only apply to us with our natural hair that grows up like a flower kissing the sky or can mimic the roots, branches and trunk of a mighty Baobab. Maybe it’s that deep…

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